A Natural Approach to Healing

We are all build with the same stones, yet we are compositionend quite differently!

I invite you to join me in discovering 

your unique composition

on the route to finer health.


Yoga Massage

"Breathe in.. and breathe out.."

This Indian rooted -floor based- deep tissue massage is a full body treatment that helps increase muscle flexibility and joint mobility on top of all the other health benefits of a regular massage. 

After thoroughly warming up the muscles, I will actively assist with a few yoga-inspired stretches in between phases of massaging. In the delivery of this massage both hands and feet are used and some walking on the back of the body can be wished for if extra stimulation of the deeper tissues is needed.


To allow not just the superficial but also the underlying muscles to warm up before stretching, my AYM full body treatment will take at least 1hr40min, and longer if desired.

Full body Swedish massage

"From Sweden, with Energy"

For fatigue and low energy levels,

a more traditional massage can be found with the Swedish technique.

Where Asian massage systems work on meridiens or sen lines, this massage is based on the anatomy and physiology in Western concepts and lays the foundation for other specialisations in massage therapies.

Kneading, plucking and chopping techniques are used to wake up and invigorate skin and outer muscle tissues by increasing the bloodflow.

Although firm at times, this is not a deep tissue treatment. Therefore treatment can be given starting 80 or 90-minutes sessions.


Upper body Massage

"I've Got Your Back"

Not everyone feels comfortable receiving a full body massage, however might experience the same kind of stress or exhaustion as anyone else! 

The upper body treatment is perfect for those as the back, shoulders, neck and chest are concentrated on which allows very beneficial results to be achieved in a shorter time frame.

Popular by people whom spent significant time behind a desk or driving a car, as well to those who simply hold all their stress and tension in the shoulder and neck area.

I've designed a combination of techniques, both relaxing and deep, that will allow me to target pain sources and tackle built up tension. The head and face are optional in this treatment but is recommended to provide a relaxing element to the end of each 60 minute treatment.



“As a lover of massage and a fellow massage therapist I am not ashamed to say that my standards are incredibly high! That being said Fenja is truly one of the most thorough and professional therapists I have had the pleasure of a massage with. The work she did on my neck and shoulders was amazing, in fact her massage on my neck is probably the best I have ever had. She applies just the right amount of pressure to ensure releasing my built up tension.I have also had a Yoga massage with Fenja, it was completely different to anything I had tried before. From start to finish I was completely relaxed, I felt like I was in another world!” 

—  Faith Pitman, Judoka and Massage Therapist



The human body, biology, science and physics have always intrigued me deeply, from a young age. Naturally, it was only a matter of time, for that curiosity to be put into practice.

My intuitive massage training started in The Netherlands and turned official in London, back in 2013.

Believing we should never stop aspiring to learn more, brought me to Bali in 2016. There, I qualified in the Ayurvedic yoga massage, which I now proudly introduce to people in London, who've often never tried this treatment before.


Within professional practice, I've come across countless of different body types, alongside their accompanying strengths and weaknesses. 

I fully respect these differences and aspire to honour them with recognition and by tailoring my treatment, to what your individual body, is in need for. I don't believe there's one magic treatment that fixes everyone. However I certainly believe an approach can be customized where possible, suiting the person best.


I integrate conventional and alternative therapies, to help prevent and treat discomfort but most of all, to promote optimal health. 

To reach that goal with you, I encourage you to share your varying needs and I will support any feedback that you may have, at all times!


If not at your office, most treatments are given in the Osteopathic Association Clinic in Marylebone, where NMT practices run independently. Therefore all bookings for any treatments will go through email first. Provide your name, contact details and a brief note in order to receive a response within 24hrs.

Please refer to the FAQ section of this page to avoid any confusion about services.

For any other information about availability, treatments details, 

don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Nomou Massage Therapy treatments are fully insured by IPTI 

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In the AYM treatment, a mattress will be placed on the floor and usually a cotton fabric is used to cover parts of the body during treatment. 

The walking technique is subject to the length of the treatment and your physical condition.

Therefore your first treatment will often be without this technique, allowing a physical assessment first. 

Additionally, throughout the treatment I use a mixture of grapeseed oil and Calamus powder.

Combined, these ingredients work as a detoxifying scrub by stimulating blood circulation and awaken the skin. .